It Begins...

Hello all and welcome, I'm in the process of redoing my website and I thought that, seeing at it's been going for over two years now, the eye on dublin should be capable of pulling off it's own blog.

In the future I'll update each month as I finish one and maybe throw in some sketches and such if anyones interested. Till next month enjoy wasting a few minutes; here's all 24 rambling installments so far:

March 2008: Trendy Monsterism

February 2008: February 29th

January 2008: Hot for 2008

December 2007: Eye on Totally Dublin

November 2007: The Student Gaff (double-page spread, ooh)

October 2007: Hibernate

September 2007: Free Booze

August 2007: Back to School

July 2007: Grannies

June 2007: The Hill of Tara

May 2007: Incinerator

April 2007: Binge Capital of the World

March 2007: St. Patrick's Day

February 2007: St. Valentine's Day

January 2007: New Year's Resolutions

December 2006: The Truth about Christmas Presents

November 2006: Evolution

October 2006: Traffic

September 2006: Golf

August 2006: Tourism

July 2006: Festival

June 2006: Summer Animal

May 2006: Streetlife

April 2006: The Port Tunnel

...whew! If you made it down this far, well done. A prize ham is on its way to you in the post.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, a prize ham for you Sir - kudos and hat-tipping galore!