Naughty and Nice

Obviously a Christmas special was unavoidably for December so I decided to add a small dose of humbug into the mix by introducing the Anti-Claus, complete with tommy gun carrying Penguin sidekicks (he's based in the South Pole you see, so no reindeer). Still fun and seasonal though; he's not a serial-killer or anything. Just a curiously attired burglar. Go Santa.

Merry Christmas one and all. Except you. Yes, you.



Slightly odd one this month. I was away in middle of nowhere in wildest England when I did this one. So no scanner and a long panicked hunt for an entrance to the interweb. As a result it was done in double time all in illustrator vector glory, no scratchy pencil lines to fall back on.

Straightforward idea of the celtic tiger as a broken down 80's arcade machine. With the arcade game reference I could have overloaded it with various elements if I'd been drawing everything by hand but because of my vector drawing limitations I kept it fairly simply. Worked out alright as a result, I think....