Sgt. Hieronymous

After much recent unpleasant behaviour about the city, this month's installment takes on the cries of social apocalypse. We're not quite yet at the stage of giant police robots, luckily enough.

Don't know if it's noticeable or not but this one owes a nod to

the cheery
monsters and
of the
Where's Wally
landscapes of

Jeff Soto's
stunning paintings

and Ashley Wood's
robots, particularly
this charming chap,
Bertie the Pipebomb

And here's my
pale imitation,
with a Smiths
reference thrown
in for good measure.

1 comment:

Lau*ra said...

Hey Coldrick!

Lovely stuff! If HE* reminds me of SHE*...the scary lollipop lady who used to stand outside my school, its a compliment